Shoot for the Heart


CANCELLED - Event Agenda

Wednesday, April 14, 20211

WHEN                              WHAT                                                         WHERE

Noon – 6pm                       Welcome to Tunica Package Horseshoe Casino & Hotel  - Jackson Room

6pm – 7:30pm                    Welcome to Tunica Reception Horseshoe Casino & Hotel  - Founder's Room

Thursday, April 15, 2021

WHEN                             WHAT                                                          WHERE

7am – 7:45am                   Morning Flight Registration & Breakfast Shooting Course (Tent)

8am                                   Safety Course Shooting Course

8:15am                              First Flight Shooting Course

11am – 1pm                      Lunch Shooting Course (Tent)

11:30am – 12:30pm          Afternoon Flight Registration Shooting Course (Tent)

12:45pm                           Safety Course Shooting Course

1pm                                  Second Flight Shooting Course

6pm                                  Doors Open to Banquet Horseshoe Casino – Bluesville

6:30pm                             Dinner is Served Horseshoe Casino – Bluesville

7pm – 9pm                       Awards Banquet, Door Prizes, Raffle Horseshoe Casino – Bluesville



Safety is top priority at the Shoot for the Heart event.

We require all shooters to wear ear and eye protection while in a shooting station. 

No guns are allowed to be loaded until the shooter is in the shooting station.

A safety course will be held for all participants before shooting begins at each flight.  This course will include completing a written checklist authorization of gun operations and safety procedures. Each shooter will be required to sign the authorization before participation begins.

We want everyone to have an enjoyable safe environment with no injuries.